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Dual Lane Axe Throwing


Axe throwing has become the newest fad. Giant Game Rentals Nashville has a much safer activation for special events and parties.  Our Dual Lane Axe Throwing Game is DOUBLE the fun…It’s a very attractive inflatable design and offers participants chances to land safe axes in the bullseye area…Axes are made with velcro tips and are perfectly weighted to give the sensation of throwing a real axe! This is safer and easier to play than real axes!




Hitting the Nashville streets with the new craze is the Dual Lane Axe Throwing Game. Well, we have the inflatable version of it which is safe for all participants. No need to worry about the axes flying back at the participant. Our durable soft axes have velcro which sticks to the target when tossed. Each participant gets their own dedicated throwing lane, and 3 axes to throw at the Giant-sized target. The Dual Lane Axe Throwing challenge is the newest addition to our inflatable games. Guests of all ages get to join in on the fun since they are made of foam but still look realistic. Just toss at the target and watch them stick!


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