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Giant Jenga


The classic game of Jenga- in an oversized format! This challenge has proven to be a great addition to all kinds of events, and teambuilding programs, and just as an added activity at picnics, parties, or other gatherings.



Are you looking for Giant Jenga Rental in Nashville? Giant Game Rentals Nashville is helping you take the fun of party games to new heights with our Giant Jenga Rental Nashville game. The stacking party game everyone knows and loves has been super-sized to make a tower eight times the size of the original Jenga Game! This Nashville Giant Jenga Rental game will allow your creative side to meet your competitive side. How high can you build your Nashville Giant Jenga game rental and then once you remove it, how long will it stand? The young and old will play this game for hours of fun trying to see just how tall well they can play this game and if holding their position and mouth just right will make them stay longer. Participants will play over and over getting pretty much everyone at your party interested in taking part.


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