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Cash Cube Rental Nashville


All Cash Cubes Rentals Nashville are Hard cases and require doors wider than 36″ to enter. Double doors may be required for entry.

This Nashville Cash Cube Rental is not brandable. Please see our other Nashville Money Blowing Machine Rental if you need a brandable Cash Cube Rental in Nashville.

Cash Cube Rentals Nashville is the number one promotional tool to rent for Grand Openings, Marketing, Business Promotions, Radio Stations, Charity Events, Private Parties, Corporate Events, Malls, Casino Nights, Bingo Halls, School Events, Church Groups, and Fund Raising Events.

Your guests will not be able to contain their excitement as they wait for their turn to grab as many cash or prize vouchers from the Cube Money Machine as they can.



Make your guests feel like a million bucks! Let them step inside the Cash Cube amidst a whirlwind of bills and feel that ultimate excitement! We provide fake bills with the money machine – use these or challenge them with real money! Any way you choose to play, your guests are sure to have a blast. Resembling a bank vault, our inflatable Cash Cube is an attraction that always turns heads!


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