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Toxic Meltdown


Toxic Meltdown Rental Nashville

The Toxic Meltdown Rental Nashville is the ultimate in fun and excitement. The Nashville Toxic Meltdown features 8 pedestals that contestants stand on while the rotating sweeper arms force them to duck and jump in order to avoid being swept off their perch.

$1099.00 for 4 Hrs.

$175.00 for each additional Hr.



The Toxic Meltdown Sweeper Game is an exciting inflatable game that brings the popular TV show Wipeout to life. Players attempt to duck and jump the spinning arms while avoiding getting swept off the pedestals they stand on. The Toxic Meltdown Rental in Nashville Game is a great way to challenge your agility, balance, and coordination. The inflatable is made of durable and safe materials and is easy to set up. The bright colors and unique design of the Nashville Toxic Meltdown Game are sure to grab attention and provide hours of fun for kids and adults alike. Renting the Wipeout Sweeper Game from Giant Game Rentals Nashville brings a new level of excitement to your next party or event


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