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Baseball Hitter


Baseball Hitter Inflatable Baseball Game Rental

The Baseball Hitter Game sees who can score the most points with our Baseball hitting Game! The ball magically floats in mid-air and the guest hits it with a bat into the outfield. Holes in the backdrop are scored differently. Don’t be surprised to see many swings and misses as this levitating ball game takes a steady hand-eye coordination to be successful.



Baseball Hitter Inflatable Baseball Game Rental Nashville

The Baseball Hitter Inflatable Baseball Game rental is perfect for any event! The Baseball Inflatable Game rental brings America’s favorite pastime to your event, complete with all the excitement of batting practice. There’s no need for a pitcher with this game! The ball hoovers on a stream of air which is at “just the right height” for all participants to try their skill at hitting a home run! This baseball-themed inflatable game will have players stepping up to the plate to take aim at hitting the balls to a realistically rendered “outfield”. The “outfield” has strategic holes, with designated 10-point values for each hit. With towering 3-D graphics that bring the game to life, this inflatable is perfect for any baseball fan – young or old. This game rental is sure to keep everyone entertained. Players can bat either left- or right-handed, making it versatile and fun for everyone. The Baseball Hitter Inflatable Baseball Game is sure to be a home run at your event, step up to the plate and rent today!


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