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Stand A Bottle


STAND-A-BOTTLE Carnival Game Rental Nashville

It may look easy…..But we assure you it is not! Each player is given a time limit in an attempt to stand up the bottle using only a small rod with a ring attached at the end. The player has to get the ring around the neck of the bottle and stand it up without the bottle falling over. this is a classic carnival game that has thrilled countless participants and left many more scratching their heads trying to figure out how they didn’t win.



Stand A Bottle Carnival Game Rental in Nashville

Our Stand A Bottle Carnival Game will keep your guests challenged as they try to stand a bottle on a platform using only a pole, chain, and ring. For an extra test, the player will need to keep the bottle within a designated area on the game surface. If you are looking for a game to intrigue and involve the older players, this is the choice for your Fun Fair or school carnival event. A volunteer favorite, our Stand A Bottle carnival game rental has no balls to chase or pieces to reset. The set up of the Stand Up Bottle Carnival Game game rental needs a 4,6,8, foot table (8.00 rental) we can also add a carnival red and white vinyl table cover if you want to add the festive feel.


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