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Bowl And Roll Carnival Game


This game is a teaser. Just when it looks like it is going to stay the ball comes back. Players can’t resist the temptation of ” just one more roll” to try it again. This is not as easy as it looks!!

Attendants Required: 1
No Power Required
1 – 6ft table required



BOWL AND ROLL Carnival Game Rental Nashville

The Bowl & Roll Carnival Game Rental is one of our Newest Nashville Carnival Game Rentals. In this game, players have to roll a ball with just enough force to get it over the hump without having it roll back to them. It may look easy to do but trust us it is NOT! If the player is lucky enough to have the ball land in the win zone, the ball will set off the lights and audible buzzer drawing a crowd and buzz. This beautiful Carnival Themed game is 6ft long and sits on a standard folding table at a standard 30-inch height, making it perfect for kids and adults to play. Every rental includes the Game, a table, . Reserve yours today…


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