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Troll Dentist Carnival Game


THE TROLL DENTIST Carnival Game Rental

The Troll Dentist Carnival Game Rental is one of our newest Nashville Carnival Game Rentals. In this game, players have to knock out the Troll’s teeth. Knock out all three teeth and you WIN! Bright and colorful graphics make this troll look like he’s ready to play. But don’t worry,He doesn’t BITE!



Troll Dentist Carnival Game Rental Nashville

In the Troll Dentist Carnival Game Rental, the Troll is in need of a root canal and your guests are the Dentists whose job it is to knock his teeth out. Contestants have three chances to throw bean bags at the Troll to knock out his bad teeth.  Do you have the aim and accuracy to help ease the pain of the Troll by knocking his teeth out? This game is perfect for smaller children.


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