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Down A Clown Carnival Game


Down A Clown Carnival Game Rental

Our Down A Clown Carnival Game Rental has Nashville getting excited to knock down the funny clowns in this classic carnival game. Each player is given six bean bags (Hackysacks) to try to knock all of the clowns out of the frame. The player who knocks down the most wins at this exciting classic carnival game rental.



Down A Clown Carnival Game Rental Nashville

One of the old time favorites here, our Down A Clown Carnival Game Rental brings the Carnival Midway to your next Nashville Area event. Test your aim by trying to knock the clowns over with supplied bean bags.

Here yeee Here yeee! Step right up to experience our carnival style case game; The Down a Clown Carnival Case Game! Toss a hacky sack and knock over the clowns is the objective, contestants get 3 hacky sacks and stand 4-6 feet back and give it a whirl! Knock down 2 of the same color clowns and you are a winner! This case games is made to be placed on a table top.  Get your event, festival or party really going with this crowd favorite, along with our other case carnival game rentals!


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