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Ring Toss Game Rental


Our ring toss game rental in Nashville is great for your next carnival, fundraiser trade show booth, company retreat, holiday party, networking event, and so many other occasions! It even includes customization options that allow you to plaster its side wrap and bottles with your company’s branding, a marketing technique that can drive engagement at your next external event.

CUSTOMIZABLE: This classic carnival game rental can be so much more than just a game! Customize this ring toss rental’s side wrap and glass bottle labels to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding materials. This way, as guests at your next corporate event play ring toss, they’ll inevitably get to know your company!

GREAT FOR TRADE SHOWS: At just nine square feet of floor space, this ring toss game rental doesn’t crowd any spaces in which you use it. That’s why it’s a great draw for trade show booths! A table full of glass bottles and rings is sure to distinguish your booth from its trade show competitors, and with this ring toss rental, it’ll do so without inducing claustrophobia or interrupting traffic flow.

IDEAL FOR NETWORKING EVENTS: Get strangers interacting with this fun ring toss game rental! Not only is this game a natural conversation starter and icebreaker, but when you customize it to display your company’s information, you also remind everyone in attendance that your company planned the event and could be a great potential new business partner.



Ring Toss Carnival Game Rental Nashville

Bring this traditional Ring Toss Carnival Game Rental to your next Nashville area event! This ring toss game rental in Nashville isn’t good for just entertaining your guests — it’s also great for engaging potential new customers or business contacts with your brand! To use this game for branding and engagement purposes, opt for our customization options, which allow you to replace the usual table side wrap or bottle labels with materials customized to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other relevant items. You can supply your own custom-branded bottles, too!

Traditional Ring Toss Game Rental Features
Traditional ring toss game rental designed for carnivals, but useful in many other corporate settings
Compact game setup ideal for trade show booths, networking events, and more
Customize to display your company logo, slogan, or other branding items on side wrap or on glass bottles
Supply your own customized glass bottles for use with ring toss rental
Occupies merely nine square feet of floor space, so doesn’t crowd spaces or disrupt traffic flow
DIMENSIONS: 3’ L x 3’ W x 2’ H
WEIGHT: 100 lbs


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