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Fish Pond Carnival Game


Fish Pond Carnival Game Rental Nashville

Using the fishing pole, guests attempt to catch one of the plastic fish as they swim by. The plastic fish flow in a circle, as guests use their fishing poles with the magnetic “bait” to catch a winning fish.



Fish Pond Carnival Game Rental Nashville

Looking for an exciting interactive game that will have your guests hooked for hours? The Fish Pond Carnival game stands out among classic carnival favorites with its magnetic twist on traditional fishing games.

This entertaining game features a 2ft tall pond, so any age can easily toss their 2 included magnetic poles into the refreshing pond. Just like in real life, using the right amount of strategy and skill will help you reel in your catches! Except in this game, the ten bright-colored fish are easy to spot. To get your party started as soon as possible, you must fill the pond with water, and the pump will make the fish swim around.

Bring the carnival game that is easy and fun for all ages by booking the Fisher’s Pond – Magnetic Carnival Game today!

Why Choose the Fish Pond Carnival Game?

Easy to set up- simply add water, turn on the water pump and your game is ready to go!
Fishing Frenzy is an exciting, interactive, easy, and fun for all ages
Includes over 10 colorful fish and 2 fishing poles
Stands at only 2 feet tall, making it the perfect height for kids of any age to be able to reach and play


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