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Giant Operation


Time to scrub up and clean your surgical instruments to play our Giant Operation Rental Nashville Game! This life-size version of the classic board game of Operation will have your guests in stitches! It’s so fun that everyone will want to play it over and over again.

Just like the classic board game of Operation, our Giant Operation Rental Nashville Game puts you in the role of a skilled surgeon. With a pair of large medical tweezers, you have up to 60 seconds to remove as many problem body parts from the poor patient as you can. But be careful not to go too fast! You can’t let your tweezers touch the patient’s body! If you do, a buzzer will sound and your game is over.



Giant Operation game for rent in Nashville is great fun for all ages! This Giant Operation Rental Nashville board game is colorful, fun, and an instant classic.

Players use the giant tweezers to extract fun parts from the nervous patient. If either the tweezers or the game piece touches the game board, the patient’s nose lights up, and funny sound effects are triggered. Giant Operation game is a surgical game that becomes the life of any party or event!

The Giant Operation Game Rental Nashville features a life-size body of a patient. The set comes complete with many funny-looking removable body parts. The supplied oversized clock counts down the time left in your game. Giant operation game rental comes complete with a table, game board, and colorful skirt for the table.


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