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Happy Hoppers Carnival Game


Happy Hoppers Carnival Game Rental

The Happy Hoppers Carnival Game Rental is one of our new exciting inflatable carnival games! This fresh take on a classic game will have all of your party guests talking! Have a hilarious time launching frogs back on their Lilly pads with this incredibly fun inflatable carnival game.



Happy Hoppers Carnival Game Rental 

The Happy Hoppers Carnival Game Rental will have all your guests wanting to Hop on over and have some fun with this incredibly addictive fun interactive game. The Happy Hopper’s Inflatable Game is a great spin on the traditional carnival game and arcade game of Frogger! The colorful inflatable with an intriguing design will draw participants to play. Guests try to land the frogs on the lily pads by flinging them through the air with built-in slingshots or by tossing them, one or two players at a time. This game is ideal for general parties, corporate family fun days, school and church carnivals, and festivals.


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