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TableTop Prize Wheel


Table Top Prize Wheel

The WinSpin 18″ Tall TableTop  Prize Wheel Rental offers a sturdy wooden-based Carnival Prize Wheel Rental that is perfect for sitting on your tradeshow booth or carnival booth table.

Highlights of the Tabletop Prize Wheel Rental

14 Slots with Color Dry Erase Capability

Great for Trade Shows Fortune Spin Game





Tabletop Prize Wheel Rental Nashville

The Table Top Prize Wheel Rental Nashville spinning prize wheel has a base, making it possible to use the Tabletop Prize Wheel Rental game for playing on any flat surface. It features a dry-erase template with 14 customizable slots for logo or text to easily organize various awards or numbers according to different play ways, getting more attractions at tradeshows, carnivals, home parties, classrooms, or anywhere you need a prize wheel.


– Tabletop Use – Winspin 18″ spinning prize wheel features a sturdy wooden base for tabletop use with a base, making it possible to use on different occasions; You can hang it on the wall or put it on the table for playing games to promote family interaction and for fun studying in school teaching
– Smooth Spinning – Prize wheel with rolling and plane bearing to ensure more turns and smoother rotation that provides an interesting and happy game experience
– Customizable & Editable – Features a Pinwheel-like template with 14 customizable slots for logo or text that you can customize the awards or numbers according to different play ways for calculation games and rewarding; With reusable acrylic writing board for easy writing, erasing and sticking pictures to unleash your creativity
– Clicking Sounds for Drawing Attention – Red pointer makes a clicking sound to add excitement and enhance game atmosphere to make more fun, getting kids’ attention and arousing their interests
– Portable & Detachable – Small size with 2.65 Lbs light weight for easy taking to classroom, party, etc; Detachable stand for easy storage to save space; With anti-slip suction cups on the base to prevent slipping while spinning


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