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Bottle Ring Toss


Bottle Ring Toss Carnival Game Rental Nashville

Now, who hasn’t played this game before? This fun and simple game consists of tossing plastic rings while attempting to get them over bottles on the other end of the table. Great for all ages! If the rings miss, they slide down to the bottom for easy recovery. The Bottle Ring Toss is a classic carnival-themed favorite. Add the excitement to your event, book now!



Bottle Ring Toss Carnival Game Rental Nashville

In the Bottle Ring Toss Carnival Game Players toss colorful rings trying to get them to land on the bottles. With the Bottle Ring Toss Carnival Game Rental, You can award prizes, tickets, or whatever you like. If you are having a Nashville event that is carnival-themed and featuring games, the Bottle Ring Toss is a must-have! The bottle ring toss is a popular classic carnival game rental for all types of party rentals.

Game Play
Bottle Ring Toss Carnival Game is played simply by throwing the round circle rings at the bottles in an effort to land them around the neck of the bottle. Players typically are standing at least 5 feet away from the ring toss game and toss them in the air hoping they will be a lucky winner and get at least one of the rings around the bottleneck. You can of course have it as one ring is a winner or multiple rings is a winner. This is a great game to give out prizes to the winner. You can do this by simply giving out some impulse candy or possibly little novelty toys like yo-yos or rings. However, you play participants will have great fun trying their luck at this game.

Perfect for all types of Events!
These simple and fun bin games are great to add some extra activities and fun to just about any event. It’s easy to make the event larger with bin games, frame games, carnival games, inflatable games, and giant games. They add so much to the landscape of the event and most of the games are simple and easy to use and perfect for a mixed age group like preschoolers through adults. Backyard Parties, Birthday Parties, Grad Parties, Fairs, Festivals, May Days, Mini Thons, Proms, National Night Outs, Daycares, Camps, Schools, and Universities use these types of games often to make a huge splash in their entertainment event while not spending a fortune on big attractions. Typically they will add several big attractions and fill in with these types of games.


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