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Duck Pond


Duck Pond Carnival Game Rental Nashville

in the Duck Pond Carnival Game Rental, participants pick up floating ducks as they circle in the water. Ducks are marked or color-coded on the bottom to determine winners. Included: One pump and 12 ducks. This unit requires an electrical connection to supply the pump. Dimensions: 48″ x 17″ x 22″.



Duck Pond Carnival Game Rental Nashville

Attract families to your carnival concession stand, festival tent, or party with the Duck Pond Carnival Game Rental from Giant Game Rentals Nashville. Children will love this Deluxe Duck Pond Game. Just fill the pond with water, and the pump will make the rubber ducks swim around. Players then pick up the ducks, looking for the duck with the star. If they grab the wrong duck, they have to place it back into the pond. The first one to find the star wins!

Why Choose the Duck Pond Carnival Game?
Easy to set up- simply add a water source and your game is ready to go!
The Duck Pond is an exciting, fun way for kids to cool off in the summer
Includes over 10 rubber ducks that all look exactly the same, making it a fun challenge to find the one with the star
Stands at only 2 feet tall, making it the perfect height for kids of any age to be able to reach and play


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