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Frog Flingers Carnival Game


The Frog Flingers Carnival Game Rental is another classic carnival game rental offered in Nashville by Giant Game Rentals Nashville!
Guest play the game by using the lightweight rubber hammer to catapult the floppy frogs back to their lily pad. Landing the flying frog on the lily pad makes them a winner.

Place the launcher and lily pad on opposite ends of a table and hammer away! You can vary the separation depending on the age of the player.



Frog Flingers Carnival Game Rental Nashville

Frog Flingers Carnival Game Rental Overview

Engage your guests with the Frog Flingers Carnival Game Rent. Rent the exciting frog flingers carnival game today for that Nashville Area Carnival-themed event you are planning or organizing. With this creatively designed skill game, you can be sure that everyone will enjoy every moment of playtime. Kids have shown that they can’t get enough of the joy that they feel whenever they see the frog leap off and hit the target.

Let guests exercise their precision skills at your child’s birthday party, school carnival, church fundraiser, or community event. The Frog Flinger Carnival Game is one of the few classic skill games that will not only engage the player in fun but will also exercise them mentally. Another notable feature that gets kids into an ecstatic mood are the frogs, with their brilliant green color, as they fly through the air trying to land on their lily pads.

Corporate parties, anniversaries, and other events are not left out as grown-ups also get thrilled by launching the frogs and hitting the Lilly pad targets. This simply means that renting this interactive carnival game will engage all your guests regardless of age or the size or type of event you are planning. Reserve your fun now!


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