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Train High Striker


A MUST-Have at your next Carnival-themed event!  Over 6 ft tall, this BRAND NEW beautiful Hi-Striker is specifically designed to challenge the little ones in the crowd. We recommend that this be used for children 7 and under only. Players get a chance to step up and take a swing, trying to hit the bell at the top of the tower. A great item for your next fundraiser, block party, or company event. Call Today….!



Train High Striker Carnival Game Rental

Looking for a throwback game for your next party or event? Then consider the Kiddie Hi Striker carnival game rental. You might know it by other names. However, what you’ll remember is seeing strong men at carnivals and fairs trying to ring the bell by swinging a sledgehammer. This Train High Striker Rental is a great rental for school carnivals, church events, or other community gatherings. The Kiddie Hi Striker is a game designed for grade school and elementary school-aged children.

The Kiddie Hi Striker is simple, but it isn’t easy. First of all, in the train-themed high striker carnival game, you must heft a lightweight sledgehammer high into the air. Then you must swing downward forcefully and hit the target at the base of a tower of the high striker. The contact sends a metal ball up the tower towards the bell at the top. It’s much shorter than the regular-sized one designed for adults. Subsequently, it doesn’t take as much force to ring the bell. There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing the clang of the bell when you’ve performed a great swing of the mighty hammer. Kids are going to love it.

The beauty of the Kiddie Hi Striker is that it’s designed to be played by smaller children. While dad and big brothers are showing off their muscles at the High Striker, the little ones can try to be just like them. With the much shorter distance to the bell, they’ve got a good chance of ringing the bell. It’s both fun to play and a blast to watch. Setting up the Kiddie Hi Striker in close proximity to the adult version is a good way to enable the whole family to watch the adults and little ones at the same time.


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